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19 June 2017

Keith Hewitt

19 June 2017

Janet Heron

19 June 2017

Neil Gordon

Biography :

Hey folks, Im fast approaching the big 40 and I live locally with my wife and 2 girls who I'd like to thank in advance for their support in my passion for the stage and being absent when I'm rehearsing. After nearly 27 years I have decide to return to the stage. I grew up listening to musicals (many thanks to my mum for that!!). I remember going to see Joesph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream Coat at the Edinburgh Playhouse when I was 8 yrs old and I was hooked on the live performances. When I was 10 yrs old I joined the local drama group and I was fortunate enough to be cast as Pharaoh in Joseph and then Herod in Jesus Christ Superstar. It was with little persuasion that I came out my self declared stage retirement to join LAMP in April 2017. So far it's like being back in my youth with the excitement for rehearsals on a Tuesday and Thursday. Let's hope you all enjoy coming along and watching what I can promise will be a fantastic show. 

First Appearance with LAMP : 

This will be my first show (Kiss me Kate) and I can't wait!

Appearances with LAMP : 0
Other Society Appearances : 
Cabbage Patch Kids (way way back in the early 90's)
Why Neil Gordon loves LAMP? : 
It's like a second family and you always have a smile on your face. 
19 June 2017

Gemma Fagan

19 June 2017

Hannah Easton

19 June 2017

Laurie Boles

25 April 2017

LAMP Childrens Theatre

LAMP Children's Theatre was founded in 1995. The cast has performed an annual production in the Easter Holidays every year since.

There are around 50 members ranging from 8-16 years.

All members of the Children's Theatre are auditioned to get into the Company. They have provided entertainment to audiences in Linlithgow Academy for over 20 years putting on wonderful and memorable performances.

 If you are interested in joining LAMP Children's Theatre and are between 8 - 16 years, please contact us for more information.


The 2019 25th Anniversary LAMP Children's Theatre show will be "Barnum", running from Monday 8th April to Saturday 13th April in Linlithgow Academy.


 Children's Theatre shows:

1995 The Wizard Of Oz
1996 The Boyfriend
1997 Oklahoma
1998 Bugsy Malone
1999 Anything Goes
2000 The King and I
2001 Oliver
2002 Brigadoon
2003 The Wizard Of Oz
2004 The Boyfriend
2005 Smike
2006 Annie
2007 Guys and Dolls
2008 Calamity Jane
2009 Return to the Forbidden Planet
2010 Billy Elliot (Scottish Amateur Premier)
2011 42nd Street
2012 Pirates of Penzance
2013 Honk!
2014 The Wizard Of Oz
2015 Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat
2016 Seusiccal The Musical
2017 Annie
2018 Les Miserables School Edition



24 April 2017

The adult company

LAMP currently has approximately 60 members aged 16 and above, and performs an annual production in October of each year in Linlithgow Academy Theatre.  In 2009 we celebrated our 25th anniversary with a production of the spectacular musical, "Hello Dolly" and we continue to perform an annual musical production, having performed the Scottish Amateur Premiere of Irving Berlin's "White Christmas" in October 2014. Our production of "The Witches Of Eastwick" was a huge success and the adult company's recent performance of the classical musical "Kiss Me Kate" in October 2017 was another huge hit.

We are looking forward to performing Summer Holiday in October 2018.

18 April 2017

Craig Lowe

He can neither confirm or deny rumours that he will be the next Doctor Who companion!!...

18 April 2017

Daniel Garry Todd

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