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15 September 2008

1986: My Fair Lady


'My Fair Lady' is a musical based upon George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion, and with book and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner and music by Frederick Loewe.

A chance meeting between two noted British linguists, Prof. Henry Higgins and Col. Hugh Pickering, leads to a wager - Professor Higgins bets with Pickering that he can transform unrefined, dirty Cockney flower girl Eliza Doolittle, into a refined Victorian lady with an aristocratic accent, and fool everyone into thinking she really is one, too!  After some hesitation, Eliza agrees to participate. Higgins succeeds, and thus young aristocrat Freddy Eynsford-Hill falls madly in love with her. But when Higgins takes all the credit and forgets to acknowledge her efforts, Eliza angrily leaves him for Freddy, and suddenly Higgins realizes he's grown accustomed to her face and can't really live without it...



Our 1986 cast is:


Eliza Dolittle - Alison Connell

Henry Higgins - John Danskin

Colonel Pickering - Jim Morrison

Alfred P Dolittle - Millar Young

Freddy Eynsford Hil - Tom Forsyth

Mrs Eynsford Hill - Cathie Garvie

Mrs Pearce - Julie Reid

Mrs Higgins - Nan MacDonald

Mrs Hopkins - Mary Douglas

Harry - John Fletcher

Jamie - Thomas Riddell

Zoltan Karpathy - David Wylie

Lord Boxington - Bill McDonald

Lady Boxington - Valerie Withnell


Director...Douglas Snedden

Musical Director...Edna McAlpine

Choreographer...Irene Langlands

15 September 2008

1985: Oklahoma


'Oklahoma!' is set in Indian territory at the turn of the century when cattlemen and farmers were fighting over fences and water rights. In the middle of that controversy are two more rivalries. One between a cowboy called Curley and a hired hand named Jud, both in love with Laurey. The second involves Ado Annie, Will Parker and Ali Hakim, a trio that will provide plenty of laughs.

Curly expresses his feelings on how he would like to take Laurey to the box social that night. Meanwhile Will Parker has just returned from Kansas City. He along with other cowboys tell stories of the modern city to the onlooking ladies. Will is in fact in love with Ado Annie who herself is involved with a travelling salesman, Ali Hakim. Curly is upset to discover that Laurey has asked Jud Fry, a menacing field hand, to take her to the box social. To see what the fuss is over Jud, Curly makes a trip over to his smoke house. Laurey is now uncertain and she wishes she had not asked Jud Fry, and asked Curly instead. Onlookers bid on hampers containing home made food. When it comes to Laurey's hamper, Jud and Curly both fight over bids. Jud runs off with Laurey who, frustrated, fires him and breakes down. When Curly comes to her rescue they admit their love for each other. Three weeks later, they are married and Jud reappers. Curly frantically fights him and Jud falls on his own knife. Curly is announced not guilty in a court and the show ends happily as Laurey and Curly ride off in their surrey with the fringe on top.

The music and lyrics have proven to be some of the best in musical theatre with songs that include "Oh What a Beautiful Morning", "The Surrey with the Fringe on Top", People Will Say We're in Love, "I Can't Say No", "Oklahoma! and many more, making this a musical treat for all the family.



Our 1985 cast is:


Aunt Eller - Julie Reid

Curly - Allan Mees

Laurey - Nan MacDonald

Ike Skidmore - Quintin Young

Slim - Jim Train

Will Parker - Terry McNamee

Jud Fry - Hamish Duncan

Ado Annie Carnes - Pam Duncan

Ali Hakim - Thom Riddell

Gertie Cummings - Catriona Sime

Andrew Carnes - Millar Young

Cord Elam - David Wylie

Laurey (Ballet) - Jacqueline Cummings

Curly (Ballet) - Quintin Young

Jud (Ballet) - Andrew McAlpine


Director...Douglas Snedden

Musical Director...Edna McAlpine

Choreographer...Irene Langlands

15 September 2008

2006: Anything Goes


'Anything Goes', is set on The S.S. American which is sailing from New York to England, carrying an unusual group of passengers. Included amongst them are a gangster (Moonface Martin), a wealthy debutante and her mother (Hope and Evangeline Harcourt), a nightclub singer (Reno SweenEy), and a wealthy New York businessman and his stowaway assistant (Elisha Witney and Billy Crocker).

It turns out that Hope is Billy's long-lost love. Unfortunately, she is now engaged to a wealthy Englishman, Sir Evelyn Oakleigh. After a series of comedic happenings, Billy manages to win back Hope. Meanwhile, Billy's friend, Reno, manages to seduce and win Lord Evelyn. All this happens while Moonface Martin attempts to escape the law and Hope's mother strives to maintain her social status...



Our 2006 cast is:


Billy Crocker - Craig Gourlay

Reno Sweeney - Alison Thomson

Hope Harcourt - Pamela Scott

Sir Evelyn Oakleigh - Paul Clark

Moonface Martin - Bob Clark

Bonnie - Carol Fraser

Elisha J Whitney - Garry Withnell

The Angels - Ashley Brown, Claire Fraser, Shona Fraser, Fiona Rankine

Mrs Harcourt - Fiona Deighton

Captain - Eric Brown


Director...Alan Currie

Producer/Choreographer...Amanda-Louise Clark

Musical Director..Eddie MacLennan

15 September 2008

2008: Me And My Girl


'Me and My Girl' is a popular British stage musical, with book and lyrics by Douglas Furber and L. Arthur Rose and music by Noel Gay.

Bill Snibson, Lambeth's own Cockney sparrow, turns out to be the long-lost heir to the Baronetcy of Hareford, its 17th Baron and 8th Viscount. He has his own girlfriend, Sally, but that won't stop gold-digger Lady Jacqueline. She ditches her dumbfounded boyfriend, Gerald, when Mr Parchester, the family solicitor, presents Bill to the flabbergasted family as the new son and heir.

But Bill has still to win the family's approval to inherit the title - and the money. The formidable Duchess is determined Bill should stay at Hareford, insisting that, with a little grooming, Bill will be suitable to inherit. There will be an official reception to introduce him to the county set. But Sally is not to be invited. Bill faces up to the Duchess - no Sally, no Bill. But Sally doesn't want to come anyway - not to a posh party. The party goes ahead and Sally turns up in full Cockney get-up complete with a posse of pearly kings and queens who perform the 'Lambeth Walk' to prove Bill doesn't belong.

In an effort to make him stay and take up his inheritance, the Duchess persuades Sally to tell Bill she no longer loves him. Sally does this, and slips out to an unknown destination. Bill, helped by Sir John and Parchester, is determined to find Sally (whom he still loves). He is urged on by a Ruddigore-like gallery of ghostly portraits of his ancestors. Back at her landlady's Sally decides to move on. She's got a telegram from Bill and must escape. However, Sir John arrives and has a cunning plan...


Linlithgow Gazette show review available here!



Our 2008 cast is:


Bill Snibson - Mark Eggeling

Sally Smith - Alison Train

Gerald Bolingbroke - Les Fulton

Lady Jacqueline Carstair - Claire Porterfield

Duchess Maria - Pauline Adams

Sir John Tremayne - Paul Clark

Parchester the Solicitor - Tom Keeble

Sir Jasper Tring - Bob Clark

Charles the Butler - Cameron Leask

Lady Battersby - Sheila Rogers

Lord Battersby - Eric Brown

Mrs Brown - Carol Fraser

Constable - Malcolm McNulty


Director...Amanda-Louise Clark

Musical Director...Eddie MacLennan

15 September 2008

2007: Pirates of Penzance


'Pirates of Penzance' is set on the coast of Cornwall, where, a gang of pirates play and party as Frederic (a pirate apprentice) reminds the pirate king that his obligation to the gang is soon over. He was apprenticed to the pirates only until his twenty-first birthday, which is that day, and he is leaving them. Ruth (Frederic’s nursery maid when he was younger) explains that Frederic should never have been a pirate except for her mistake: She was told to apprentice Frederic to a pilot, but she misunderstood and placed him with a pirate instead.

Frederic tells the pirates that, after he leaves the gang, he intends to destroy them, not because he doesn’t love them, but because he loathes what they do. He is a slave of duty and, when no longer a pirate, it will be his duty to destroy them. The pirates understand, and also complain that they cannot seem to make money. Because Frederic is a slave-of-duty to the pirates until noon, he tells them why: Because they are all orphans, the pirates will not rob another orphan; and since all their potential victims are aware of this, they all claim to be orphans! Frederic has spent his entire life with the pirates, he has never seen another woman; thus he thinks he may want to take Ruth with him as his wife.

At this point, however, Frederic hears a chorus of girls in the vicinity. He sees a group of beautiful young women, realizes he was betrayed by Ruth, and rejects her. Frederic informs the girls that he is a pirate, but not for long. He asks if any of the girls will marry him, and the youngest, Mabel, agrees. The pirates enter the scene, and each grabs a girl. Major-General Stanley enters and identifies himself as the girls’ father. Knowing about the pirates’ weakness, Major-General Stanley tells them he is an orphan and, thus, disarms the pirates and takes his daughters, along with Frederic, away to his family chapel and estate. The major-general, who actually is not an orphan, soon feels guilty about the lie he told the pirates.

Frederic has a plan to lead a squad of zany policemen against the his old gang. Before he can act, however, the Pirate King and Ruth arrive to tell him that he is still obligated to the pirates. It seems that Frederic was born on February 29 in a leap year, he has served only five birthdays, not the twenty-one required by his contract. A strong sense of duty forces Frederic to relent, and, because he is a member of the pirate band again, to reveal the truth that Major-General Stanley is not an orphan. The pirate king vows that he will have revenge on the major-general.

Mabel enters and begs Frederic not to go back to the pirates, but bound by duty, he leaves. The police ready their attack on the pirates, while the pirates creep in to take revenge on the major-general. The pirates defeat the police. However, when Ruth divulges that the pirates are really noblemen and they swear their allegiance to the queen, the tables are turned--and the police take the pirates prisoner. However, because the pirates have never really hurt anyone, they are soon forgiven. The ex-pirates win the girls, Frederic wins Mabel, and everyone lives happily ever after!



Our 2007 cast is:


Pirate King - Tom Keeble

Samuel - Paul Clark

Frederic - Keith Gibson

Ruth - Carol Fraser

Edith - Jennifer MacLennan

Kate - Keri Zaczek

Isabel - Sue Spencer

Mabel - Claire Porterfield

Major General Stanley - Alex Kemp

Sergeant of Police - Cameron Leask


Directors...Alan Currie and Amanda-Louise Clark

Musical Director...Eddie MacLennan

Choreographer...Amanda-Louise Clark

15 September 2008

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