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15 April 2018

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15 April 2018

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01 April 2018

2018 Summer Holiday

Summer Holiday will be performed by LAMP from 15th - 20th October 2018 in Linlithgow Academy.

Rehearsals start Tuesday 24th April 2018 in Linlithgow Rugby Club.

If you are interested in joining LAMP please contact us:


Cliff Richard's back catalogue comes to life in this stage adaptation of the classic British film.

1963. The year Beatlemania was born, the Profumo affair scandalised Britain and preceded the resignation of Harold Macmillan, Ronnie Biggs, Buster Edwards and co. snatched £2.6m cash from the London to Glasgow mail train, the ‘Britain in Bloom’ campaign began, the US trounced ‘Great Britain’ 23-9 in the Ryder Cup .... and Cliff Richard and the Shadows took off on a joyous jaunt across Europe in a Routemaster bus in the film ‘Summer Holiday’. The film is now a feel-good stage musical in Michael Gyngell and Mark Haddigan’s adaptation, with Don and his fellow London Transport bus mechanics journeying through Paris, the Alps, Italy and then Greece, along the way picking up three young girls in a clapped-out Morris Minor and a young American pop star on the run from her domineering mother, and all to the strains of a hit-filled score featuring In the Country, Summer Holiday, I Could Easily Fall in Love with You, Bachelor Boy, Move It, Living Doll, The Young Ones and On the Beach. A real taste of Great British nostalgia.


Meet the Production Team

  Sandy Queenan,  Director

 Eddie MacLennan, Musical Director

 Claire Withnell, Choreographer


04 February 2018

Les Miserables Costume Plot



Tickets for LAMP Children's Theatre production of Les Misérables School Edition* can be purchased online or by calling the box office on 07949 475932.

Standard ticket £13

Concession** ticket £11 

Family*** ticket £44.


All tickets purchased online must be collected from the Box Office from 19:00pm on the evening of the performance.


*PG13 recommended by MTI Europe

**Under 16yrs and Over 60yrs

*** 2 standard tickets and 2 concession tickets

LAMP Children's Theatre performed Les Misérables School Edition from 26th - 31st March 2018.





After 19 years on the chain gang, Jean Valjean finds that the ticket-of-leave he must display condemns him to be an outcast. Only the Bishop of Digne treats him kindly and Valjean, embittered by years of hardship, repays him by stealing some silver. Valjean is caught and brought back by the police and is astonished when the Bishop lies to the police to save him. Valjean decides to start his life anew.

Eight years have passed and Valjean, having broken his parole and changed his name to Monsieur Madeleine, has become a factory owner and Mayor. One of his workers, Fantine, has a secret illegitimate child. When the other women discover this, they demand her dismissal.

Desperate for money to pay for medicines for her daughter, Fantine sells her locket, her hair, and then joins the whores in selling herself. Utterly degraded, she gets into a fight with a prospective customer and is about to be taken to prison by Javert when ‘The Mayor’ arrives and demands she be taken to hospital instead.

The Mayor then rescues a man pinned beneath a cart. Javert is reminded of the abnormal strength of convict 24601 Jean Valjean, who, he says, has just been recaptured. Valjean, unable to see an innocent man go to prison, confesses that he is prisoner 24601.

At the hospital, Valjean promises the dying Fantine to find and look after her daughter Cosette. Javert arrives to arrest him, but Valjean escapes.

Cosette has been lodged with the Thénardiers, who horribly abuse her while indulging their own daughter, Eponine. Valjean pays the Thénardiers to let him take her away to Paris.

1832, PARIS
Nine years later, there is unrest in the city because of the likely demise of the popular leader General Lamarque, the only man left in the government who shows any feeling for the poor. A street-gang led by Thénardier and his wife sets upon Jean Valjean and Cosette. They are rescued by Javert, who does not recognise Valjean until he has gone.

The Thénardiers’ daughter Eponine, who is secretly in love with the student Marius, reluctantly agrees to help him find Cosette, with whom he has fallen in love.

News of General Lamarque’s death circulates in the city and a group of politically-minded students stream out into the streets to whip up support for a revolution.

Cosette is consumed by thoughts of Marius, with whom she has fallen in love. Eponine brings Marius to Cosette and then prevents an attempt by her father’s gang to rob Valjean’s house. Valjean, convinced it was Javert lurking outside his house, tells Cosette they must prepare to flee the country.


The students prepare to build the barricade. Marius, noticing that Eponine has joined the insurrection, sends her away with a letter to Cosette, which is intercepted by Valjean. Eponine decides to rejoin her love at
the barricade.

The barricade is built and the revolutionaries defy an army warning to give up or die. Javert is exposed as a police spy. In trying to return to the barricade, Eponine is killed.

Valjean arrives at the barricade in search of Marius. He is given the chance to kill Javert but instead lets him go. The students settle down for a night on the barricade and, in the quiet of the night, Valjean prays to God to save Marius. The next day the rebels are all killed.

Valjean escapes into the sewers with the unconscious Marius. After meeting Thénardier, who is robbing the corpses of the rebels, he comes across Javert once more. He pleads for time to deliver the young man to hospital. Javert lets Valjean go and, his unbending principles of justice having been shattered by Valjean’s own mercy, he kills himself.

Unaware of the identity of his rescuer, Marius recovers in Cosette’s care. Valjean confesses the truth of his past to Marius and insists he must go away.

At Marius and Cosette’s wedding, the Thénardiers try to blackmail Marius. Thénardier says Cosette’s ‘father’ is a murderer and as proof produces a ring which he stole from the corpse the night the barricade fell. It is Marius’s own ring and he realises it was Valjean who rescued him that night. He and Cosette go to Valjean where Cosette learns for the first time of her own history before the old man dies.

Les Misérables is now the longest running musical in the world and, in October 2010, celebrated its 25th anniversary with a theatrical first – three different productions of the same musical staged at the same time in one city – the star-studded concerts at The O2, the acclaimed new 25th Anniversary Production (which completed its sell-out UK Tour at London’s Barbican Theatre) and the original production, which continues its record breaking run at the Queen’s Theatre, London.


LAMP Children's Theatre Cast List 2018

Jean Valjean Josh Ure
Inspector Javert Gregor McLean
Thenardier Tom Barclay
Madame Thenardier Catherine Bain
Cosette Katie Rough
Marius Paul McDonald
Eponine Daisy Mackie
Gavroche Isla Paton
Enjolras Oscar Davies
Young Cosette Libby Hardie
Fantine Rona Miller


LAMP Children's Theatre Production Team 2018:

Director Calum Campbell
Assistant Director Hannah Easton
Choreographer Hayley Fleming
Musical Director Eddie MacLennan
05 January 2018

Summer Holiday October 2018

04 January 2018


The committee is voted into office at the annual AGM. It is purposed to follow the object of the Company as determined in the constitution.

The object of the Society is to educate the public in the dramatic and operatic arts -   to further the development of public appreciation and taste in the said arts: to assist and further such charitable institutions and charitable purposes as the Committee shall from time to time determine; and in furtherance of this object but not otherwise the Society through its Management Committee shall have the following powers:

  1. To promote musicals, plays, drama, comedies, operas, operettas and other dramatic and operatic works of educative value.
  2. To purchase, acquire and obtain interests in the copyright of or the right to perform or show any such dramatic or operatic works.
  3. To purchase or otherwise acquire plant, machinery, furniture, fixtures, fittings, scenery and all other necessary effects.
  4. To raise fund and invite and receive contributions from any person or persons whatsoever by way of subscription, donation and otherwise, provided that the Society shall not undertake any permanent trading activities in raising funds.
  5. To undertake all such other activities as shall further the objects of the Society


LAMP Committee 2018


President Gregor Preston
Vice President Graeme Scott
Treasurer Siobhan Smith
Secretary Gemma Fagan
Committee Members

Roddy Bain

Fiona Brown

Hannah Easton

Neil Gordon

Paul MacDonald

Jennifer Miller

Nicola Preston

Fiona Scott

Janet Wilson

Valerie Withnell


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