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Our 2013 production of Thoroughly Modern Millie will come to Linlithgow Academy Theatre on Monday 21st of October for one week only!! Tickets are on sale now and can be ordered online, by phone on 07949 475932 or through any cast member.


Don't delay, tickets will sell fast!!

The adult company will be staging Thoroughly Modern Millie from the 21st to 26th October 2013 in Linlithgow  Academy Theatre. The show has now been fully cast, rehearsals are progressing and tickets will be on sale from the box office, cast members or online from early September.


'Thoroughly Modern Millie' is the story of Millie Dilmount, a young girl from Kansas who moves to New York for a chance to make something of herself. Her goal is to become a stenographer and marry her boss, so that she can strike it rich. Shortly after arriving in New York, Millie is mugged and in her panic for someone to help her, she trips bypasser Jimmy Smith, a paper clip salesman, who lectures her on why she needs to head back home. Millie ignores his advice and moves into Hotel Priscilla, owned by Mrs Meers, who, in reality, is a dealer in white slavery. Millie gains a job at Sincere Trust and falls for her boss, Trevor Graydon III. She announces to her friends her intention to marry him and to celebrate, they go to a Speakeasy where they meet Jimmy, however the club is raided by the police and Jimmy & Millie end up in jail. Millie begins to fall for Jimmy but then she sees him sneaking out of Miss Dorothy's room after what appears to be a late-night tryst. Confused and horrified, Millie decides she never wants anything to do with Jimmy again and turns to Muzzy Van Hossmere, a rich singer in town, who instructs Millie to love because of money.

At Sincere Trust, Millie tells everyone that she is completely over Jimmy but then quickly realises that she is still in love with him. Miss Dorothy comes to visit and Trevor Graydon is immediately smitten with her. Meanwhile, Mrs Meers, with the assistance of her 2 Chinese workers Bun Foo & Ching Ho (who has also fallen for Miss Dorothy), is trying to kidnap Miss Dorothy. Jimmy & Millie finally realise their feelings for each other and encounter Trevor Graydon, who has been stood up for a date by Miss Dorothy. They realise what Mrs Meers is up to and persuade Muzzy to pose as an orphan so that they can expose Mrs Meers. Mrs Meers is caught however Ching Ho had already saved Miss Dorothy and won her heart.

Jimmy proposes to Millie and admits to being Herbert J. van Hossmere III, Muzzy's step-son and Miss Dorothy turns out to be his sister, Dorothy Carnegie Mellon Vanderbilt van Hossmere. Muzzy had cut them both from the family riches and sent them out into the world to find a spouse who was not in it for the money.


NODA show review available here!



Our 2013 cast is:


Millie Dilmount - Amanda Leask

Jimmy Smith - Graeme Scott

Trevor Graydon III - Cameron Leask

Miss Dorothy - Siobhan Smith

Mrs Meers - Carol Fraser

Muzzy van Hossmere - Sheila Rodgers

Mrs Flannery - Fiona Deighton

Ching Ho - Sandy Queenan

Bun Foo - Les Fulton

Dorothy Parker - Sue Spencer

Daphne - Gillian Taylor

Dexter - Garry Withnell

Gloria - Claire Fraser

Alice - Alison Train

Ruth - Rebecca Gilles

Lucille - Alison McLean

Ethel Peas - Caroline Steven

Cora - Karine Stalker

Rita - Lauren Scott


Director...Malcolm J Burnett

Musical Director...Eddie MacLennan

Choreographer...Amanda-Louise Clark


'Honk' opens with Spring arriving in the duckyard. Drake, the Mallard Duck, and his long suffering partner, Ida, await the birth of a new brood, but the nest seems to contain one inordinately large egg this year. Sure enough, it cracks open to reveal an ugly chick nothing like his siblings, who makes a strange honk sound instead of the expected quack!

Ida warms to him, though, and takes him out for the first swim on the lake, finding him to be a prodigious swimmer. The other farmyard fowl, however ridicule him, driving him into the eager arms of the Tom Cat, who invites him back to the "Kitty Kat Snack Shack" for lunch. Ugly escapes by the skin of his teeth, but with night falling he becomes lost. The concerned Ida insists that Drake and the others launch a search.

The next day, Ugly finds himself on open marshland in the middle of a duck shoot. He is taken under the wing of Greylag, a pompous military goose, his well-meaning wife Dot, and a comical troupe of geese. Though the Cat appears and again tries subterfuge to get a hold of Ugly, his plans are once again thwarted. Meanwhile, Ida has left Drake in charge of the nest, and has gone in search of her missing boy.

Ugly finds a small cottage, home to a domesticated hen named Lowbutt and her feline companion, Queenie. The Cat appears yet again, but distracted by Queenie's charms he once again allows Ugly to escape. Back at the duckyard, Drake is learning valuable parenting skills, even as Ida's search becomes more frantic.

With the onset of freezing winter, Ugly's prospects are bleak but meeting a beautiful young swan named Penny begins to give him hope. Declining her invitation to join the swan family's migration. Ugly resumes his journey to find his mother. Befriended by an ebullient bullfrog and his froglets, Ugly is cheered considerably, until he is caught in a hunter's net. Rescued by the ever resourceful Cat, who is still hoping to dine on the growing bird, both are soon caught in a raging blizzard, and frozen into snow creatures...


NODA show review available here!



Our 2013 Cast is:


Ugly Connor Watt

Ida – Anna MacLeod

Drake – Isaac Riley

Maureen – Hannah Ritchie

Bullfrog – Alexander Gavin

Queenie – Cara Lawrence

Low Butt – Anna Johnston

Grey Lag – Struan McLean

Dot – Katie McEwan

Penny – Anna McEwan

Turkey – Heather Hilditch

Grace – Megan Rough

Henrietta – Rona Miller

Cat – Cristina Haston

Mother SwanLisa Hagart

Ducklings – Sean Duncan, Catherine Bain, Rosie Crawford, Paul McDonald, Marnie Roy-Sweeney, Niamh Devery


Director...Calum Campbell

Musical Director...Eddie MacLennan

Choreographer...Hayley Fleming

09 September 2012

2012: Guys and Dolls


'Guys & Dolls' tells the story of Nathan Detroit, a small-town gambler who runs an illegal floating crap game, despite constant encouragement to “go straight” by Miss Adelaide, a night club singer whom he has been engaged to for 14 years. When a surge of “high rollers” comes to town, Nathan is pressured to find a place to hold his floating crap game. Due to strong police activity, namely Lt Brannigan, he can only find 1 spot, the Biltmore garage. The owner’s requirement, however, is a $1000 deposit for security, which Nathan does not have.

Nathan comes across Sky Masterson, a gambler willing to bet on virtually anything. Nathan proposes a bet which seems impossible to lose – take Sarah Brown, a straight-walking sister at the Save-a-Soul Mission, to dinner – in Cuba! Surprisingly, Sky manages to get Sarah to agree to the date, putting Nathan in an even worse position. Over the course of their date they begin to fall in love with one another.

Nathan is also struggling in his relationship with Adelaide. Tired of his lying, she walks out on him. Meanwhile Sky is having problems of his own with Sarah as their conflicting lifestyles clash. Convinced that his love for Sarah is true, Sky makes a good on a bet he made with Sarah to fill her failing mission with a dozen sinners. Also, he lies about succeeding on his original bet with Nathan and pays him the $1000. At the same time, Sky wins a bet with the guys at Nathan’s crap game that results in them having to appear at Sarah’s mission.

Sarah fatefully runs into Adelaide where the 2 realise that they cannot fight love any longer. Adelaide is relieved when Sarah mentions that Nathan had attended a service earlier in the night, which Adelaide thought he had been lying about.


NODA show review available here!



Our 2012 Cast is:


Sky MastersonCalum Campbell

Sarah BrownAlison Train

Nathan DetroitSandy Queenan

Miss AdelaideCarol Fraser

Nicely-Nicely JohnsonGraeme Scott

Benny SouthstreetCameron Leask

Rusty CharlieRoss Miller

General CartwrightRuth Campbell

Arvide AbernethyEric Brown

Harry the HorseSandy Bain

Angie the OxGarry Withnell

Lt BranniganLes Fulton

Big JuleBob Clark

Joey BiltmoreMalcolm McNulty

Mimi Claire Fraser

MC Alastair Brown

Hot box girlsKarine Stalker, Hayley Fleming, Caroline Steven, Rebecca Gillies, Nicola Preston, Gillian Taylor, Gillian Stewart, Gillian Brodie, Jennifer Miller


Director...Malcolm J Burnett

Musical Director...Eddie MacLennan

Choreographer...Amanda-Louise Clark


Set on the coast of Cornwall, at the time of Queen Victoria’s reign, 'The Pirates of Penzance' play and party as Frederic (a pirate apprentice) reminds the Pirate King that his obligation to the gang is soon over. He was apprenticed to the pirates only until his twenty-first birthday, which is that day, and he is leaving them. The hard of hearing Ruth (Frederic’s nursery maid when he was younger) explains that Frederic should never have been a pirate except for her mistake: she was told to apprentice Frederic to a pilot!

Frederic tells the pirates that, after he leaves the gang, he intends to destroy them, not because he doesn’t love them, but because he loathes what they do. He is a slave of duty and, when no longer a pirate, it will be his duty to inform the authorities about them. The pirates understand but wonder if Frederic can explain why they don’t make any money - their major problem is being compassionate pirates. They themselves claim to be orphans and therefore sympathise with orphans by releasing the orphans on the ships they capture and their treasure with it. Frederic notes that the word has gotten around and every ship they capture claims to have a crew of orphans as a result.

Frederic has spent his entire life with the pirates, he has never seen another woman; thus he thinks he may want to take Ruth with him as his wife. At this point, however, Frederic hears a chorus of girls in the vicinity. He sees a group of beautiful young women, realises he was betrayed by Ruth, and rejects her. Frederic informs the girls that he is a pirate, but not for long. He asks if any of the girls will marry him, and the youngest, Mabel, agrees. The pirates enter the scene, and each grabs a girl. Major-General Stanley enters and identifies himself as the girls’ father. Knowing about the pirates’ weakness, Major-General Stanley tells them he is an orphan and, thus, disarms the pirates and takes his daughters, along with Frederic, away to his family chapel and estate. The major-general, who actually is not an orphan, soon feels guilty about the lie he told the pirates.

Frederic has a plan to lead a squad of zany policemen against the Pirates. Before he can act however, in typical Gilbert & Sullivan style, chaos ensues. With an unexpected twist and a good deal of swashbuckling the Pirates and police take each other on in a battle. When the battle finishes Ruth declares allegiance to Queen Victoria followed by the pirates and police alike. This oath reveals to the police that the pirates are not true pirates and are loyal to Britain. By betraying piracy, the pirates are placed at the control of the police. Before being arrested the pirates reveal that they are not orphans but rather noblemen who have gone bad. They renounce piracy and wedding of Frederic and Mabel finally goes ahead. A happy ending for all!


NODA show review available here!


Our 2012 Cast is:


Pirate King - Ross Miller

Frederic - Sandy Bain

Samuel - Heather Hilditch

Ruth - Christina McCall

Mabel- Megan Rough

Isobel - Anna McEwan

Kate - Hannah Ritchie

Edith - Anna Johnston

Major General Stanley - Cameron Wright

Sergeant of Police - Alexander Gavin


Director...Calum Campbell

Musical Director...Eddie MacLennan

Choreographer...Hayley Fleming

Please note that our waiting list for auditions for our 2012 Children's Theatre show is closed.


Based on the Academy-Award winning animated feature, the stage version of Disney’s 'Beauty & The Beast' includes all of the original songs along with new songs specifically for the stage show.

Audiences will be transported to the heart of provincial life in a lovely French town. When Maurice becomes lost in the woods on the way to the fair, he seeks shelter in an old castle, but the master of the castle is a horrible beast that takes him captive. Maurice’s daughter, Belle, then gives up her freedom to save his life.

This tale as old as time is filled with spectacular costumes and sets and offers a great opportunity to bring the entire community together for family theatre at its best!



Our 2011 Cast is:


Beast - Ric Brannan

Belle - Karine Stalker

Mrs Potts - Sheila Rodgers

Cogsworth - Sandy Queenan

Lumiere - Les Fulton

Babette - Shona Fraser

Madame de la Grande Bouche - Carol Fraser

Chip - Sean Duncan

Silly Girls - Siobhan Smith, Alison Train, Claire Fraser

Gaston - Calum Campbell

Maurice - Eric Brown

Le Fou - Allan Brisbane

Monsieur D'Arque - Malcolm McNulty

Village Children - Kayleigh Shaw, Heather Hilditch, Megan Breen, Katie Dickenson, Catherine Bain, Eilidh Anderson, Rebecca McFarlane, Lucy Queenan


Director...Malcolm J Burnett

Musical Director...Eddie MacLennan

Choreographer...Lindsay Osborne


'42nd Street' tells the story of a humble, naïve young actress named Peggy Sawyer who has come to audition for a new Broadway musical. Unfortunately, she arrives to the audition late and misses her chance... However, she soon catches the eye of the famous director, Julian Marsh, and he gives Peggy her big break. The show's aging leading lady, Dorothy Brock, quickly grows to dislike Peggy. On opening night, Ms. Brock falls, breaks her ankle, and has Peggy fired. Panic spreads through the company, as the show is doomed for closure. With only only thirty-six hours till 'curtain-up', could Peggy save the show?!?! 

With famous dance sequences and songs like, "Lullaby of Broadway", "We're in the Money" and "42nd Street", this glitzy musical will have the audience dancing in the aisles!



Our 2011 Cast is:


Peggy Sawyer - Anna MacLeod

Julian Marsh - Ross Miller

Billy Lawlor - Sandy Bain

Dorothy Brock - Jane Henderson

Maggie - Heather Hilditch 

Bert - Aidan Rennison

Pat - Cameron Morrison

Annie - Christina McCall

Abner Dillon - Connor Watt

Andi Lee - Hayley Fleming

Mac - Megan Rough

Phyllis/Lorraine/Gladys/Ethel - Eva Dickson / Christina Haston / Anna Johnston / Anna McEwan

Dancers - Sally Bell, Andrew Coleman, Chloe Dickson, Kate Henderson, Amber Ibrahim, Paul MacDonald, Holly Morgan, Rachael O'Neill, Lucy Webb


Director... Amanda-Louise Clark

Musical Director... Eddie MacLennan


Following the popular theatre workshops for our past three shows, we are inviting young people aged 9-16 to come and join in a Musical Theatre workshop based on our latest production, "Crazy For You".

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