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09 September 2014

Karine Stalker

Biography : Coming Soon!!


First Appearance with LAMP : Coming Soon!!


Appearances with LAMP :


Coming Soon!! Coming Soon!! Coming Soon!!


Other Society Appearances : Coming Soon!!


Why Karine loves LAMP? :  Coming Soon!!

09 September 2014


18th April 2016


The Witches of Eastwick Libretto/Vocal Score


Hi all,

Here is a link to a website which will allow you to print or save to a tablet the libretto/vocal score for "The Witches of Eastwick",  ready for rehearsals beginning Tuesday April 26th.







24th February 2016


LAMP Children's Theatre - costume list

Hi all,

Please see below a link to the costume list for Seussical.

Any concerns, please speak to Calum, Lisa or any member of the committee.

Costume List





09 September 2014

Ross Bain

Biography : Coming Soon!!


First Appearance with LAMP : Coming Soon!!


Appearances with LAMP :


Coming Soon!! Coming Soon!! Coming Soon!!


Other Society Appearances : Coming Soon!!


Why Ross loves LAMP? :  Coming Soon!!

12 May 2014

Alison Train

Biography : Coming Soon!!


First Appearance with LAMP : Coming Soon!!


Appearances with LAMP :


Coming Soon!! Coming Soon!! Coming Soon!!


Other Society Appearances : Coming Soon!!


Why Alison loves LAMP? :  Coming Soon!! 

30 April 2014

2014: White Christmas


LAMP are delighted to announce that our 2014 production, running from Monday 20th to Saturday 25th of October at Linlithgow Academy Theatre, will be a Scottish Amateur Premiere of Irving Berlin's White Christmas.

'White Christmas' is a spectacular stage musical, telling the story of Bing Crosby’s classic 1954 movie which brims with classic Irving Berlin hits like Blue Skies, How Deep is the Ocean?, Happy Holiday, Sisters and of course the unforgettable title song White Christmas.

Bob Wallace and Phil Davies are army buddies from World War II who have become a very successful song and dance team. They meet up with Betty & Judy Haynes, the sisters of another of their army buddies and Phil, seeing that Bob is attracted to Betty, talks him into following the girls to their next show; an inn in Vermont.

When they get to the inn, it is practically empty because there is no snow. As they start to leave, the men learn that the innkeeper is their beloved former commanding general from World War II. They decide to stay to try to drum up some business for the old man. They bring their whole show up to the inn which helps, but is not quite enough.

Betty mistakenly thinks that Bob and Phil are taking advantage of the general's misfortune to get free publicity, so she gets angry at him. Judy and Phil think that Betty is upset because she is afraid to fall in love with Bob because she has to look after Judy, so Judy and Phil pretend to get engaged.

Betty leaves for New York to get away from Bob but when the general's request to rejoin the army is denied, Bob goes on national TV to get the men from his World War II division to surprise the general on Christmas Eve. Betty sees the show, and realizes Bob really is a good guy so she returns to Vermont to participate in the big show.


NODA show review available here!



Our 2014 Cast is:


Bob Wallace - Ross Bain

Betty Haynes - Alison Train

Phil Davis - Graeme Scott

Judy Haynes - Karine Stalker

General Waverley - Eric Brown

Martha - Carol Fraser

Susan - Daisy Mackie

Sheldrake - Roddy Bain

Mike - Connor Watt

Rita - Shona Fraser

Rhoda - Claire Withnell

Ezekiel - Garry Withnell

Tessie - Sue Spencer

Cigarette Girl - Caroline Steven

Mrs Snoring Man - Janet Cameron

Mr Snoring Man - Gregor Preston

Secretary - Fiona Deighton

Seamstress - Sheila Rodgers

Assistant Seamstress - Alison McLean


Director...Sandy Queenan

Musical Director...Eddie MacLennan

Choreographer...Elspeth Whyte


'The Boyfriend' is set in the roaring 20's. We find ourselves in Madame Dubonnet's Finishing School on the French Riviera. The students, 'perfect young ladies', are looking forward to a Costume Ball that evening, but Hortense, the chic French maid, is not convinced that they are as perfect as they claim.

The demure Polly Browne announces she will attend the Ball as Pierette and her secret escort will appear soon, but Polly admits to Madame Dubonnet that she has no boyfriend. Her wealthy father forbids them in case they are after the family fortune.

Polly is attracted to the messenger boy Tony, and invites him to escort her to the Ball dressed as Pierrot. As we go through the scenes, it is apparent that love is in the air. Maisie, Polly's classmate, flirts with all the boys and Jolly Lord Brockhurst has an eye for the girls but Lady Brockhurst keeps an eye on him.

During the preparations, various incidents develop and skeletons in the cupboard are revealed.



Our 1996 cast is:


Hortense - Karin Morris

Maisie - Claire Fraser

Dulcie - Natalie Harran

Fay - Claire Crommie

Nancy - Cheryl Craig

Polly Browne - Suzanne Grady

Marcel - Andrew Ure

Pierre - Christopher Harran

Alphonse - Iain Hewitt

Madame Dubonnet - Anne Frater

Bobby Van Husen - Craig Gourlay

Percival Browne - Jim Morrison

Tony - Duncan Russell

Lord Brockhurst - Marshall Paterson

Lady Brockhurst - Carol Fraser

Gendarme - Gordon McDavid

Pepe - Gillian Steven

Lolita - Sarah Ewing

Pierette - Emma Falconer


Producer...Nan McDonald

Musical Director...David Faulds

Choreographer...Nicola Hughes

Rehearsal Pianist...Eddie MacLennan


LAMP (Linlithgow Amateur Musical Productions) Children’s Theatre certainly had a lot to sing and dance about in October 2013 when they were awarded the prestigious Utopia Costumes Youth Award from NODA (National Operatic and Dramatic Association).  The Utopia Costumes Youth Award is given to the youth group/society in Scotland which has made a significant impact within their community.  Invited to the National NODA conference in Peebles, some of the children and their parents, as well as the LAMP production team, along with LAMP committee members, excitedly received their well deserved award in front of many NODA members.



'The King & I' opens on the deck of the Chow Phya, where Anna Leonowen's and her son Louis are on their way to Siam, where Anna is to become governess and tutor to the Royal children. They are met by the Kralahome - the King's right hand man. Anna has been told she will have a house of her own but the Kralahome insisits she must come to the Royal Palace.

In his palace, the King receives a gift from the prince of Burma, delivered by Lun Tha. The gift is a girl, Tuptim, who is unhappy to be in Siam as she is in love with Lun Tha.

Anna meets the King, his wives and his 67 children and begins the process of teaching. She is still in dispute with the King regarding her own house and when he refuses her request yet again, she threatens to leave.

Anna persuades the King to hold a western-style dinner to show the British Ambassador, Sir Edward Ramsay, that Siam is not a barbarous country. Anna and Sir Edward are old friends and when the King sees them dance together he is jealous and for the first time calls her by her first name.

Lun Tha has been ordered back to Burma but he and Tuptim plan to elope and confide in Anna.

After dinner, Tuptim's ballet version of Uncle Tom's Cabin is staged and afterwards the King gives Anna an emerald ring. News arrives of Tuptim's elopement. Lun Tha is dead and Tuptim is returned to the palace where Anna prevents the King from whipping her.

Several months pass and the King has been ill for some time. Anna is planning to leave but she goes to see him one last time. The children beg her to stay and she agrees. The King dies and Anna sobs as the curtain falls.



Our 2000 cast is:


Captain Orton - Kevin Lawrence

Louis Leonowens - Craig McIntyre

Anna Leonowens - Leanne Baillie

The Interpreter - Graeme Scott

The Kralahome - Peter Hannah

The King - Scott McNiven

Lun Tha - Douglas Greig

Tuptim - Ciara Monteith

Lady Thiang - Pamela Scott

Prince Chulalongkorn - Sean Campbell

Sir Edward Ramsay - Kevin Lawrence

Wives - Megan Rodgers, Claire Kennedy, Victoria Brankin, Siobhan Allardice, Heather McCaig, Ashley Brown, Patricia Hagenbuch, Jennifer Gale

Dancers - Siobhan Allardice, Victoria Brankin, Lauren Hurcombe, Emma Hay, Rebecca Manson, Nyree Brankin


Producer...Lesley Easton

Musical Director...Eddie MacLennan

Choreographer...Nicola Hughes

The opening scene of 'Oliver' opens in the sinister interior of the workhouse, with bare dining tables where the children are fed. These pale-faced wretches file in slowly and sing 'Food, Glorious Food'. Widow Corney, who runs the workhouse, and Mr. Bumble, the Parish Beadle, enter and a thin gruel is served to the children. Alone among them little Oliver Twist takes his bowl to Bumble and asks for more. Bumble is outraged and decides that Oliver must go. He hawks Oliver through the streets of London and sells him to Mr. Sowerberry, the undertaker. Alone and frightened, Oliver runs away and is picked up, hungry and tired in the street, by the Artful Dodger. He takes Oliver to the hideout of his master, Fagin. Fagin and his horde of apprentice theives welcome Oliver. Nancy, Bill Sykes' girl, and Bet arrive at Fagin's hideout and meet Oliver. Next morning, all the children go off on a pocket-picking expedition. Oliver is caught be the police, not for picking pockets but for looking guilty.
In Act two, the curtain rises on an underworld tavern where Nancy is singing. Dodger rushes in telling of Oliver's apprehension by the police, at the same time, revelaing that his innocence has been established and that he is safe in the home of a rich old gentleman. Fagin & Sykes dispatch Nancy to get Oliver back. Meanwhile, at the home of his new-found benefactor, Oliver has become a well-tailored, well-cared for little lad. Looking out of his bedroom window, he hopes that his good luck and new situation in life will be permanent. However, the moment he sets foot outside he is dragged off by Nancy to Fagin's. Fagin is considering going straight. My Bumble and Mrs Corney are now married and discover that Oliver comes from a rich family and try to get him back. Nancy, regretting her part in the capture of Oliver, plans to return him to his benefactor. Sykes stalks her and kills her. He grabs Oliver and, after a chase, is himself shot dead. Oliver is restored to his benefactor, who is infact his grandfather. Fagin, now minus boys, grabs all of his posessions and disappears off into the night.


Our 2001 cast is:


Oliver - Craig McIntyre

Dodger - Graeme Scott

Fagin - Scott McNiven

Mr. Bumble - Douglas Greig

Widow Corney - Kate Kirkwood

Mr. Sowerberry - Sean Campbell

Mrs. Sowerberry - Debbie Miller

Noah Claypole - Calum Fraser

Charlotte - Megan Rodgers

Nancy - Siobhan Allardice

Bill Sykes - Pete Hannah

Mr. Brownlow - Kevin Lawrence

Dr. Grimwig - Ben Miller

Mrs. Bedwin - Laura Nicol

Bet - Rebecca Manson

The Dancers - Katy Barron, Nyree Brankin, Victoria Brankin, Alison Campbell, Emma Hay, Lauren Hurcombe, Laura Samson


Artistic Director...Lesley Easton

Musical Director...Eddie MacLennan

Choreographer...Nicola Hughes


The story of 'Brigadoon' concerns two young Americans, Tommy & Jeff, lost during a hunting trip to the Scottish Highlands. They hear singing in the distance and seeing a village appear through the mist, they go to investigate. They arrive in the village as a fair is taking place and are amazed to find the townsfolk dressed in the style of the bygone day. The townsfolk find the Americans equally strange, but they make two friends in Fiona and Meg. Fiona and Tommy find in each other, a deep understanding. Jeff, however, is kept constantly and humorously on guard by the affectionate advances of Meg, who is attracted to every man she meets.

The two friends accept an invitation to the wedding of Charlie & Jeannie, but while waiting at the McKeith's house, they are bewildered by some entries in the family Bible and ask Fiona for an explanation.

Mr. Murdoch, the old Dominie, tells them the story of the minister who wanted to keep Brigadoon safe and had brought about the miracle that would let the village only come to life for one day every hundred years. In that way it would never be alive long enough to be contaminated by the outside world.

In the course of the day they encounter a fair, attend a wedding, there is a death and a funeral and Tommy finds himself falling in love with Fiona. As the day ends Tommy & Jeff have to leave and return to New York but Tommy soon feels the pull of Brigadoon too strong and breaks off his engagement to Jane. With Jeff, he journeys back to the Highlands in the hope of finding Brigadoon again and his beloved Fiona. For as Mr. Murdoch had told him, 'If you love someone deeply, anything is possible, even a miracle'.



Our 2002 cast is:


Tommy Albright - Scott McNiven

Jeff Douglas - Graeme Scott

Angus - Alan Purvis

Donald Ritchie - Ben Miller

Maggie Abernethy - Victoria Brankin

Harry Ritchie - Calum Fraser

Meg Brockie - Laura Nicol

Andrew MacKeith - Scott Jess

Fiona MacKeith - Siobhan Allardice

Jean MacKeith - Nicola Charleston

Charlie Cameron - Douglas Greig

Mr. Murdoch - Jonathon Rodgers

Piper - Andrew Boyle

Frank - Alan Purvis

Jane Ashton - Catriona Dunk

The Dancers - Katy Barron, Nyree Brankin, Victoria Brankin, Sarah Brown, Emma Hay, Rebecca Manson


Artistic Director...Lesley Easton

Musical Director...Eddie MacLennan

Choreographer...Nicola Hughes

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