23 January 2018

Summary of parents meeting 23rd January

Rehearsals –  Please contact Gemma (Secretary) or any other member of the committee if your child cannot attend a rehearsal

Costumes – You will be required to provide your child’s costumes. Borrow these, if possible, or visit charity shops. There is no need to spend a huge amount of money on them. If you have to do alterations or make pieces of costume, please don’t worry about doing a perfect job – you can’t see the stitching from the audience! Use fabric glue, safety pins etc, but make sure they will last the week. Please speak to either a member of the committee or the production team if you are having a problem sourcing costumes. There will be a few characters who will have pieces of costume sourced for them. The production team will notify you if this is the case for your child. Please see the costume sheet for details of what is required for this show.

Changing Area – The dining hall of the school is our changing area. This is organised into a boys’ area and a girls’ area. There will also be a social area, where all the children can be together, when not on stage. The cast are encouraged to keep their area as tidy as possible to ensure that costumes are readily available for changes.

Tickets – please sell as many as you can – the children deserve as big an audience as possible. Ian Scott (Treasurer) will issue ticket order forms soon.

Collect the ticket money when you sell the tickets otherwise you could be left having to write a cheque for a large amount! If tickets are cancelled nearer the show you could be left footing the bill. If you are concerned about this, then ask people to book online, as they pay there and then and the tickets are held at the box office. There will be a prize for the child with the top ticket sales.

Biographies – If your child is a named principal he/she will be asked to complete a biography for the programme. You will be advised when this is due, so please ensure that your child completes this in plenty of time and returns to Gregor Preston (Vice President).

Programme Message – Within the programme there will a couple of pages set aside for ‘Good Luck’ messages to cast members from family and friends. These are charged at £1 per message and slips will be available from the committee or you can fill in the online form.

NODA Awards – LAMP is affiliated to NODA (National Operatic and Dramatic Association) and as a result we can award long service certificates. A certificate is awarded after 3 years’ service and every three years following this. We have a record of service with LAMP, but if your child has performed with another affiliated company, this counts towards an award. Your child will soon be given a slip indicating whether or not an award is due. Please speak to Alison (President) if your child has performed with another company.

Backstage - During the week of the show there should be no-one backstage if they do not have their PVG with LAMP. Should you be interested in helping back stage please speak to a member of the committee, as you will need to complete the PVG Scheme application. Nicola Preston (Child Protection Officer) will get the necessary forms to you as soon as possible. Please note that if you help backstage you cannot bring any other children with you. The siblings of cast members must remain front of house. Please ensure your friends and family know that they can’t go backstage at the interval or the end of the show.

Front of House - We need help front of house during show week so please speak to Val Withnell (Social & Fund Raising Convenor) and sign up to help at least one night during the week. If your circumstances change and you are unable to help please let one of the committee know so that we can find someone else to fill this slot.

Stage Building – This will take place during the weekend of the ‘get in’ starting on Friday 23rd March and is good fun to be involved in. Turn up and just keep asking for a job to do. There’s always lots happening from building the set, painting, getting front of house ready, to making cups of tea!

Please note that we need to clear the school on the final night of the show, Saturday 31st March. This involves dismantling the stage as well as clearing front of house and backstage. The more people we have helping with this, the quicker we can get everything done.

Band Call – If your child is a principal they’ll be expected to attend the band call which is usually 9:30am on the Saturday before the show at the academy. This is primarily for the musicians but is also an opportunity for the principals to get a chance to sing with the live band, ready for dress rehearsal.

Technical/Dress Rehearsal - This will be on Sunday 25th March and, as I stated a couple of months ago attendance is vital. This can be a long, slow day for the cast but a necessity for the production team and the stage crew. It is important that all cast stay focused and concentrate as this is their first time on stage. Pack food & drinks to keep your child going throughout the day.

Principals - If your child is a principal he/she may have lots of costume changes. If this is the case, consider arranging 1:1 help, especially if there are quick changes. You will need to have had your PVG check to do this. If you have a portable clothes rail, bring it to the school for the week of the show to hang costumes and help keep them organised.

Things to pack for backstage – Children need a towel to cover the table, face wipes, mirror, make-up, safety pins/needle & thread.
The children can bring food backstage but please avoid chocolate and fizzy drinks. They can also bring things to entertain them if they are off stage for long periods, however nothing noisy please.

Show Week – All cast need to be backstage by 6.45pm each evening so that the production team have time to go over notes and have a vocal warm-up prior to the show. Some children give each other ‘Good Luck’ cards on opening night and/or ‘Well Done’ cards with small gift on closing night. This is usually for their “table” buddies and/or fellow characters.


Inclement weather - In the event that we have to cancel a rehearsal at short notice due to bad weather or any other reason then the following action will be taken:

*a message will be posted on the LAMP Facebook page

*if possible an e-mail will be sent

In order for these to work then please ensure that we have all up-to-date e-mail addresses and mobile phone numbers. We would prefer that these are for an adult and not the child.


Don’t be afraid to ask if you are unsure of anything.